Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys spent all the day in Angmar doing quests. Some were rather easy, some were fun. I was either over-powered or I was over-confident: went to fight with 3 my own level enemies…and won, even without using (in most cases) health potions. That was just great.

An interesting moment was to fight local NPCs in order to pass one trial. Fight was hard, but I made it. As rewards for quests I received lots of stuff that does not suit me:had to sell everything.  Also, local capm has a task board: turning in stuff does not give reputation, but does give valuable xp.

Went to group with one Dwarf – Runekeeper, lvl.48. He was really overpowered: two shots and almost every enemy is dead. He told me to attack enemy – and then he healed and supported me. We ran through one Orkish fortress to locate 3 stones and place false orders for Orcs. Quest was succesfull, all enemies owned and lots of trophies/xp gained.

Then we went to kill Bloodwing and 14 drakes. Drake itself is an elite very hard to kill monster and there are far more than 20 of them en route to Blackwing. Some drakes can be avoided – most of them not. First trouble was when we ran into group fight with 2 drakes and were killed. Revived, then continued…and killed again. Group was disbanded. I got a bit sad with this fight: Champion is supposed to be DPS tank…and RuneKeeper acted as tank and healer. My role was defined as “second tank in the group”. Once again, I was too weak for any serious fight.

I asked my kinship members and one came to assist, lvl.51 Guardian. We ran through Drakes, it was a hard time, but we made it.  Step by step we went to the top of the hill where lovely Bloodwing awaited. Blueish Dragon, some 16.000 health and devastating attacks. We did our best, beating him as much as we could, using all buffs and potions we could… but were killed once again.

Quest to kill Bloodwing is not over. I will gather bigger company and kill it. And then I will continue to quest in Angmar. Not that I love it (landscape is very gloomy), but it’s still fun there. Most quests I can do alone, even fight several my own lvl enemies. Fellowship quests suck a bit (please, please give a solo option!).

The day ended close to midnight, I earned some 20 Turbine points and managed to find many pages from Champion books (Joy of Battle, Tome of Swords et cetera). I felt almost satisfied.