Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys was active all the day. First, went to Eregion to mine some Ancient metals (iron, nickel, silver). While riding, chated with kinnies and one person sent me a new set of armour. I was finally better protected. Well, Eregion was harder this time, but still I managed to get some metal and precious stones. Metal bars were sent to the person who made me armour: he spent his own ingots, so it’s right to compensate.

And then it was my try to visit Angmar. This region does look very uninvinting and maze-look at first sight. If you follow map – you will get nowhere. There are no clues where to go to, which path may be correct. I thought I hated Angmar and screamed that “I would visit Angmar only when I am lvl.80!”. Folks in Kinship did not argue with me. Well, I visited it sooner – when decided to try seamingly dead-end road.

Then Angmar became a bit clearlier. I could finally use map, follow existing roads and meet monsters and NPCs while gathering Dwarven-iron/Platinium. First settlement of Earth-Kin race was rather inviting. I finished one quest and received many others. Had to visit next settlement and received a bunch of quests from them too. Also, run into one quest that Turbine expected to be bought. Wait a second, it is Angmar quest pack that I purchased, right?

Hunt was succesfull, I finished my first quests. Ran into several explorer (find Earth-Kin settlements, locate enemy camps) and slayer (kill ANgmarim, kill Orcs) deeds. Of course, I need to kill 150 orcs/angmarim – and then 300 of them, but that’s not too big problem: I do need to advance as quickly as possible to go to Eregion and mine everything there. Some quests were rather interesting, like “destroy siege towers and catapults”.

One quest called to crete some vegetables. I thought, it should be pretty easy. It wasn’t: vegetables were guarded by some sexy-looking vampire-women who casted army of bats on me. They were a bit hard to fight, but I took ’em one by one. Later, found one person who needed to collect these two. I covered him, then he aided me and I finished this quest.

And then I ran into one problem: small fellowship quest to kill Angmarim captain. He was in a fortress, guarded by crossbow-men and footmans…and he himself was an elite monster with >6000 health, guarded by two archers. All my skills did not help: I hardly escaped, using almost all of my potions. Got disappointed a bit.

Thene it was Earth-Kin scout. I saw it on the map, I knew its coordinates (somewhere on the top of the rock), but there was no chance to find him. I rode around the rock – no chance to climb here. Asked in regional chat, no one answered…and then one person invited me to group. I automatically rejected. he explained he could guide me – but I rejected too. I was too angry. I knew (thanks to wiki) lame Scout would offer me two fellowship (=very hard) quests and I had no fellowship. Maybe today I will re-visit that scout and a pity I can’t kill it…

And so the day has ended: not so bad at all. I finally have new region to explore and grind (and pray Turbine makes road there a bit clearlier)