Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys went to Eregion – one of the regions I really dislike. Risky to get there (no normal roads), too many monsters of too high levels. Mission was simple: get all the metal I could find and safely get out of there.

There was a lot of metal and enemies…well,. they just took some rest. Only 2 or 3 times I had to run away from them. I mined every vein I could. Even more – I managed to make Ruins of Eregion deed. Strange thing is, I have not purchased this quest pack…but additional 5 TPs are always wellcome. When home in Thorin’s Hall – I gained lots of xp for smelting/refining those metals. Precious stones were sent to my Kinship members.

OneC, my lvl.26 Champion girl on Dwarrowdelf, went to do boring “bree-land woodsman (advanced)” deed when one player asked if anyone wants to “hunt barrows in Barrows” (i.e. Barrow wighs and wardens). I saw I had some deeds and went there.

Our group was big and strong. We killed quickly and it was first time when I saw Ministrel in action. I was perfoming as kind of little AoE attacker and he healed me. Ministrel also performed very well in the combat: in fact, even better than me. I looted lots of stuff, reputation and sellables, also some armor my alts could use. Pockets full, had to retreat – my two deeds were done too.

And so the day has ended.  Since Lotro store works – I have 1364 Turbine points with some 925 points up to my goal. Life in Lotro, just nice.