Lord of the rings online

WoneI finished last deed – Neeker slayer, gained 5 Turbine points…and it became clear I can’t delete this toon. Have to wait untill today, pay for house upkeep and safely delete it.

OneA went to Barrow of Taradan to kill spiders. Once again:loot anything that costs some 3 silver coins and more, loot all reputation items. Sometimes I had to compete with others, sometimes I could run alone.

Met one player – f2p like me – and we discussed our own strategies. He’s got his personal which does make sense. And thus the day ended.


I still read posts at mmorpg[]com. I still live with the thought that I wish I could be…a kind of idea generator to some new mmorpg. Yes, I lack radical ideas that would mean breakthrough – but I think i could create some little world. One time I tried: started with planet history, created race, their own little history, main event in their history and how does this race live now. Later created another race which is never met in mmorpgs, divided it into several types…only to find the only project I was participating did not need them.

Maybe one day I will find such project (or it will find me).