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As Lotro was offline until Saturday – had to play Istaria. Took quests: as many as I could. The graphic now seems…not so modern. Quests are a bit old-fashioned (i.e. no helping arrows, no coloured regions). A bonus of this: one has to read quest text and think.

However, my Spiritist did not advance seriously: made some 30-40% to level 21. To advance by one level, any toon needs some 50 trophies if he turned-in that trophies before at least 5 times. As trophies differ each 5 levels – one needs at least 250 trophies for “one step”. And the higher you are, the more problematic with trophies.

In Istaria, one can master all classes in adventure and crafting, but it comes with a price. As lvl.20 Spiritist, I have to fight lvl.91 monsters to gain any xp from combat (maybe because I have 3 classes maxed to lvl.100…). So when I become lvl.90 SPiritist, there would be almost no monster to fight and gain xp.

Lord of the rings online

was OFFline untill Saturday. Then it went ONline, just without myaccount and Turbine store. Initially I thought I did not need that store at all…but then, realised I could not check my own Turbine points balance.

WoneI was created and chosen to make easy deeds only: spider slayer, spider slayer (adv.), brigand slayer, brigand slayer (adv), ruins of bree-land, history of Dunedain,  bree-land adventurer (15, 30, 45) and reputation with the men of Bree. With reputation I ran into problems: turned out, I had not enough Cordolan trinkets and Barrow-treasures.

OneA went to kill spiders and gathere everything. Initially situation was bad: Barrow of Taradan was crowded, I had either run and ninja-kill spiders either farm one exact room. I chose the latter. Was picking loot worth at least 3 silver coins and all reputation items. The result was some 330 Barrow treasures and some 50 Cordolan trinkets.

WoneI advanced to Kindred and even managed to almost finish Neeker-breaker deed. With the 45th quest, I cancelled all other quests with WoneI. She served her role: now she has to pay for house upkeep and support main toon with money. After that, WoneI will be just deleted.

Now, it’s my strategy: create a toon, make all simple deeds, support main toon with money (i.e. house upkeep, crafting items), delete toon, start everything anew. It’s only some 1000 Turbine points that I need – i.e. some 9 toons only.