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Lord of the rings oFFline

The game went on extended backend maintenance and theoretically was unavailable untill today’s 6:00 Pacific time.


Logged into Istaria after very long hiatus. First – grinded my Mason to lvl.91. Yet 9 long grindy levels remain with the same obsidian fields near Dralk. Then I decided it was time to change something – and possibly adventure (i.e. fighting) school. I have already levelled my Warrior, Cleric, Shaman to lvl.100 – all remaining are some lvl. 20, only one is lvl.38.

Asked folks in the chat – they adviced Spiritist or Druid. However, Istaria’s wiki told they both lacked good offense capabilities. Spiritist is debuffer: makes enemy suffer so that enemy loses lots of status; in exchange, spiritist uses staff and cannot use shield. Spells take long time to cast and level 1 are good for lvl.2 grulets only.

Before joining, I went to Bristugo – main hub – to take out my trophy tokens that were safely in our Guildhouse. Guildhouse was empty. Re-checked, re-logged – it was empty. Then I checked plot of the land info. My worst fear became true: our plot was abandoned, owner was Bristugo. Lucky for me, trophy tokens were safely in my vault. Besides, this plot was not the only one: I saw at least one more abandoned. A pity: these plots were the ones I helped to build (and gained some xp too…).

Then I went to kill forest skulks: something grindy, but still fun, since they could not harm me.

After Lotro, it was a negative experience. Battle was hard, controls were hard to remember, I had to right-click on enemy corpse and choose “Browse loot” or “Loot all” and if there were lots of enemies, I was in trouble. Graphic – once again, after Lotro – was not as good as I once saw it.

I was left on my own with no real options. Fight lvl.91 monsters? No, thanks, my spiritist would be just owned each time. Reason: he has no superb heals like Cleric nor offense and spells does take forever to cast. I will try to turn-in trophies one day or maybe switch back to Shaman and hunt for anything.

It was a bit of disappointment after Lotro. But still, Istaria has the best community I have experienced. It may have outdated graphic, clumpsy controls (clicking on NPC opens trade window, not talk one)…but it does have potencial.

And so the day has ended without any real progress. I look forward for Lotro to get those 1080 Turbine points and have all the content I will need up to lvl.60.