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Lord of the rings online

I do need some 1080 Turbine points more to purchase content. Therefore, new cloning era began.

Two girls were created, one on Silverlode and another on Crickhallow server. Their task is very very simple: do all the basic deeds (spider slayer, spider slayer advanced, brigand slayer, brigand slayer advanced, ruins of bree-land, history of dunedain, bree-land quests, reputation with Bree) and be deleted. I do have toons on Silverlode that may easily grind any amount on barrow-treasures and Cordolan trinkets:advancing should not be hard.

My toon also saved me some in-game coins. She simply invested all her money to pay for house upkeep. Good work, clone, since you will not last too long… On Crickhallow I got 10 Turbine points from Hunters’ Lodge – pretty good too.

The day ended with 1219 Turbine points. I felt satisfied: today I will finish with this toon and start another.