Lord of the rings online

The entire day was spent in North Downs. No, I have not purchased this content yet – but was just doing epic quests there.

It was running forwards and backwards. Go to Esteldin. Oh, Esteldin wants to make sure Council of men, dwarves and elves gathers. But Dwarves have a problem – one of their kind was kidnapped by Dourhands, he needs to be rescued. Rescue was problematic: I, with my lvl.43 had a very hard times vs. lvl.35 Dourhands. Finally, Dwarf saved. Time to go to Elves – but they want some Orkish leader to be killed. Once more fight (if not Inspiration, it would be lost), Elves agree. Men of Trestlebridge disagree – but I’m lucky, town is attacked by Orcs. Attack repelled, return to Esteldin. Oh, there is but one task: to inform Aragorn in Riverdell.

Once again ride to Trollshaws. Gathering all the metal I could locate close to roads. Avoiding all enemies due to financial reasons. Finally – nice looking Even buildings. Mission complete, I even increased my reputation with Rangers of Esteldin and got 5 Turbine points.

Positive side effect of all this: I gathered any metal I could find, be it barrow-iron or platinium. Made simple (dwarf-iron) and advanced (westernesse steel) bars gaining valuable experience points. Of course, that costed me some coal – but my toons  (OneE and OneF) will buy that coal and maybe even mail it.

And so the day ended. I had 1194 Turbine points with the need to create lots of “delete-after-completing-single deeds” characters. Quest for many many Turbine points continues.