Lord of the rings online

I felt lost yesterday. Maybe the first time – felt really lost. I had all the world before me and still did not know where to go to, what to do.

The day started at Evendim, I went to kill Giants (“Giant slayer” deed, you know). It started very slowly. Giants could stun me up to 2 times in a fight, they gave me some 30 experience points and dropped lousy stuff. And I could not engage in mass fighting with them.  I fought and fought…and just got tired.

Fortunately for me, one Kinship member asked for lvl.38 two-handed weapons. Teleported to Thorin’s Hall, made weapons, got some xp from crafting…and once again felt lost. Thought to go to Sarnur, but game did not allow me in.

Folks adviced some regions: the problem is, I can’t go there, have not purhased that content. So – went to some quests in North Downs, mainly “go there and there” type. Rescued Dwarf “Dori” from Dourhands, got some axe (too low to be usefull).

And the day ended. I got no Turbine points, only some cash. Which can mean one thing: time to create new alts and over-grind for xp. Maybe will take easy deeds/quests only.