Lord of the rings online

Before Lotro goes for some extended maintenance (one of it is expected to last some 12 hours) – played a bit.

NaktiesKarys finally killed 240 Salamanders, got 10 Turbine points. He also gathered every metal ore he could find and got combat xp from crafting. It’s pretty good to gain xp from metal bar instead of killing monsters. It was my first time when I re-activated sounds. It was just nice: some good melody in the background, rain falling, some thuder far away, my own steps and monster cries. I’m just enjoying Lotro music – and I’m mostly a big hater of music in any game, online or not.

One of my clones is almost done with her killings: almost all deeds in Bree-land and Shire. I may just delete this toon after it finishes his work. And yes, I did some miss with my OneA.

OneA went to Haudth Iarcith, killed monsters, looted some stuff and Mathoms. Placed Mathoms in a shared vault…and when I switched to another clone, I used all Mathoms…only to realise I picked a wrong clone. All job was in vain and my poor lvl.33 OneA is the only toon capable of grinding Haudth Iarcith. A pity.

Weekend ended with 1184 Turbine points in my balance and I do need some 1200 TPs more. I will grind for them, make new alts and purchase content my main toon does need now.

Life is good with (musical) Lotro.