Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys finished (at last!) his Gauredain (advanced) slayer deed. 240 Gauredain killed, as well as some Wolves and even bees. Financially it was just not good: profit is too low. The only enlightening thing was crafting: I got xp gathering metal (platinium, dwarf iron), as well as making metal bars.

Of course, loot consisted of some recipes, precious stones. Some were sent immediately to people I knew. Some were just deleted.

Then I logged in one of my girls, OneI. Went to Barrows, finished some deeds there (Barrow exploration, Wigh slayer, Enmnity of the Dead, Barghest slayer) and currently have some 1184 Turbine points. There are still some quests to do and Barrow of Taradan to slay (450 spiders…sounds funny, as always).

Unfortunately, I noticed I was going lazy to go for TPs. Still have one lvl.16 character with most of Bree-land advanced deeds (orc slayer etc) not done. Ered-Luin, Shire deeds are all done on almost all toons.

Now, I need to solve two problems: to grow my character to, say, lvl.45 (I am lvl.43 now, lacking about 40.000 xp to new lvl); gain some 1020 Turbine points to purchase all content I will need in near future.

But that’s only a matter of will to fight. And I do have it.