Lord of the rings online

My main toon finally awoke to grind some Evendim monsters (and possibly achieve lvl.44). Thought between Giants and Gauredain. Chose Gauredain, went to slaughter them and their pet wolves…only to understand I made a mistake.

My kinnies were nearby, killing Giants. And I was in the middle of Gauredain slayer (advanced). To make things…more interesting, all my mobs dropped almost no valuable loot: the only thing that was worth was “New sword sheat”, some 3 silver coins. I made ~130 silver coins from loot and almost half of it went for repairs.

Lucky for me, I looted some recipes which were sent to kinship members. I also used to mine every piece of metal ore I find. One metal bar gave me the same xp as killing one monster (although kiling is more fun). Found some precious stones, all sent to our Jeweller.

No Turbine points were gained this way and my toon advanced too little towards lvl.44. I need some 50,000 xp to this level and each Gauredain gives only 30; metal smelting gives 30 (gold)-40 (dwarf iron). Too long to go: I do need to buy new content as soon as possible (Forochel? It’s near to Evendim) and then start to advance.