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Logged in just to update the game…and logg off. First I was met with some creepy image showing castle, guarded by a big-breasted blonde with huge sword. It was something…unattractive as for MMORPG. Something not in Istaria style.

They changed starting user interference: instead of my face, some flag is being shown and my own portrait is no more. Come on, I’m not Brad Pitt, but still may want to see my face. Otherwise – no noticable changes.

Lord of the rings online

OneC, one of my earliest girls, is almost finishing all the deeds. Looks like she has some 3 or 4 of them. Then, Bree land-Shire-Ered Luin deeds would be fully completed. Ered Luin was finished quickly. I just was looking for monsters and killing them untill I had at least one slayer deed complete. Hendroval slayer deeds were finished just standing, waiting for birds to respawn…and killing. No, it was not boring.

By accident, I looted one bounty box, unlocked it…only to find some crafting scrolls (no use since my toons on Dwarrowdelf are not crafters), worthless jewellery (would be good as starter one for low-lvl toons).

Now I have 1084 Turbine points: some half of what I really need. OneC adventures will be finished quickly and then I will do all the deeds with remaining girls.

And so the day has ended, I left satisfied…and looking forward for more Turbine points, more content purchases.