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Lord of the rings online

My homework starts to pay off. OneC has begun her journey to the grassy/snowy fields of Ered Luin. Of course, I had some routes undiscovered (was too busy doing deeds?), so some travel had to be done on foot.

I managed to do some basic deeds (wolf and goblin slaying, both single and advanced)…and it was high time to go to sleep. Now I have 984 Turbine points with the will and determination to finish every single Bree-Shire-Ered Luin deed on every of my toons.

And then…well, then  I will restart my circle. Toon will be deleted and re-created, re-supplied (all thanks to shared storage) with healing and mana potions. I must have some patience and grind for TPs. Overall, my budget is >4000 Turbine points (class/race traits excluded). Currently, I may need about 2000 – so there is not so much grinding left: just finish lots of stuff…and maybe start one new toon (+600 TP).

Life is just with Lotro…