Lord of the rings online

All weekend was dedicated to Lord of the rings online. OneF went to Shire to do all deeds – and deeds were done. Goblins hunted, Black Rider caught, local Wargh killed…and even local Quick Post restored. The latter quest was spoiled some 2 or 3 times, all thanks to nosey hobbitses. All 32 Gift mathoms were received…but there was still some lack of xp to get Kindred reputation.

Then it was high time to visit Ered Luin and start Elven quests. This time I practiced early hunting: if I notice enemy, I kill as much as I can, not waiting for some ‘bright future’. Of course, that meant some kills in quests were in vain (if I killed 60 goblins, killing 10 more does not count). Even Hendroval slayer went good: I just stood and waited for poor birds to spawn. Did some ninja-looting this way (as well as wolf-slayer advanced…shame on me). 26 quests in Elven lands done, I took some in Dwarven territory.

All the deeds were done, except Kindred to the Mathom. I logged as Vytautaz, stormed Haudth Iarchith and got some 10 Well preserved Mathoms as well as some 14 Mathoms. OneF used them – and soon she was at Kindred reputation.

Was happy enough to help others. One lvl.9 Hobbit asked for help in “Gift of the North” quest. He had two helpers: lvl.21 Guardian and lvl.23 Champion (me). Of course, we swept through poor lvl.10 Dourhands killing their Troll immediately. Hobbit replied: “oh, that was easy”.  Next time he asked for help, I was some 1-2 minutes late to answer…and he told he had many helpers. Good to hear.

I had 954 Turbine points this way and decided to inspect my other girls. It turned out, I have many job to do. One toon did not enter Ered Luin (went to Lone lands instead: why?). Another toon was lvl.16 and did not complete 2 simple Bree-land deeds. Yet other toon had 3 deeds in Bree to finish…and she’s done with almost all the deeds. I am also considering a new, Dwarven strategy to earn valuable Turbine points and starting some preparations for it. Will see if it works…