Lord of the rings online

Developers have announced updates for this year. Looks very, very promising to me:

  1. Player Council: Turbine announces this Council will consist of some very active players. My comment: very good, since developers will receive quality feedback from paying customers;
  2. West Rohan added. My comment: the more content, the better.
  3. Housing revamp. Superb news. My comment: Lotro players have been asking to revamp housing for very long time. It is high time to do this and Turbine even may get some coin from that (example: +1 room to house = 5$).
  4. Class skills revamp. Some will be removed so that playing would be easier. My comment: if some unusefull skills from my Champion will be removed, I won’t shed a tear from that. All I need are basic skills, they are mostly used.

Players’ opinion is largely (some 90%) positive. Almost everyone wellcomes housing revamp. We do have some “ghost towns”, we do have players desire to have improved housing and even to pay for it.

And my OneF continued her journey, finishing some Old Forest deeds and earning valuable Turbine points. Now I have 619 TPs: almost half from the required. Thought I may gain something from this week sales, but they are for some unusefull status tomes and goats.

I still have some deeds to do, starting from Brood killer (450 spiders…) to “Bree-land woodsman”. After that – Shire awaits.

And when I finishe Shire-Ered Luin, it would be high time to level up my NaktiesKarys. He must advance quickly (possibly to go to some instance with Kinship) so that he could enter Angmar without fear.