Lord of the rings online

OneF tried some kills and deeds in the Old Forest. Old forest exploration deed almost finished, Flowers of the old forest – 50% finished. By the way, finished some combat deed and got 5 Turbine points as a reward.

At this time one player asked for help…for same Brihszel. Logged in as Vytautaz. Our group was big enough, so poor monster had too little chances to survive (no one speaks about monster harming some of the group). Tried to log on OneF again…while another call for help. This time – to: a) kill Brihszel;  2) help finish Barghest and Wigh slayer deeds. I volunteered too.

The group had 3 players: lvl.15 Guardian, lvl.17 (forgot class) and me, lvl.34 Champion. It was a wild group:no coordination, everyone runs where he wants. Brihszel was killed rather easy. After finishing with wighs, one member left and I proposed that weaker member of the group just follows me. We travelled almost safe and after some searching player’s deeds were done. After confirming there was nothing more to do, I left group and recalled to Bree.

I had some loot: sold something, paid for our Kinship house maintenance and yet had some 200 silver left. There was nothing more to do and it was too late to play – I logged off.

And so the day has ended. I was happy to help others: hope they will return help to other new players.