Lord of the rings online

OneF, my yet another clone-girl ran through the fields ob Bree-lands doing all she could. From taken 17 quests she did some 6 and even managed (by pure accident…) to finish 2 deeds. Orc-slayer and Orc-slayer (advanced) were finished, giving 15 Turbine points. It was kind of fun, although one time I did ninja-killing. Yes, it was bad, but I was really impatient to wait untill named Orc goes nearby me.

Some loots: found some precious stones, all were mailed to Kinship member (he’s a Jeweller). Also found one loot-box. Unlocked it as NaktiesKarys:turned out I found some Tomes of defense (+10%) and some tome that gives +100% to xp gained from monster killing. Which means I do need one very big hunt with monster slaying to advance at least 2 levels (from lvl.43 to lvl.45).

I also used my Shared storage to equip OneF with heavy armour: Shared storage does pay off. Now I have to reach some lvl.23 and then go to Shire for some 100 Turbine points and then – to Ered Luins for some more.

Currently I have 569 Turbine points: some 1000 more to earn and then await any sale. Life is good with Lotro once again