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Lord of the rings online

Day started at Annuminas city. My own NaktiesKarys farmed every Angmarim, looting every valuable item (>3 silver coins), all recipes and every Ring of Numenor. Some monsters were generous enough, some – very greedy. The more they greedy are, the more they suffer, though. Soon, I had my inventory almost full: 92 rings, some 80 black badges, >100 new sword sheats, recipes for all schools except Weaponsmith and lots of broken swords. As my equipment was worn (some 38/60), had to retreat, gathering metal ore by the way.

Loot was sold, recipes (except Scholar) were sent to kinship members, even 41 Diamond was sent to them too. I deposited reputation items into Shared vault…and logged in my OneF.

She was en route to do some quests, but was recalled to Bree. Result:Kindred reputation and 10 Numenor rings left. Another TP added: now I have 554 Turbine points. The fighting day was thus ended.

And now to accounts, i.e. my own purchases.

  1. Quest pack:Angmar: 795 TP
  2. Quest pack: Evendim: 595 TP
  3. Mines of Moria expansion pack: 1996 TP (discounted)
  4. Currency cap removal: 395 TP
  5. Riding skill: 95 TP
  6. Auction house: 95 TP
  7. Trait slot: 95 TP
  8. Trait slot: 95 TP
  9. Trait slot: 95 TP
  10. Shared storage:995 TP

Total Turbine points spent: 5251. Total Turbine points gained per discounts:499. Real cash spent on purchasing stuff: 0 dollars 0 cents. Every single point made by questing/killing.

My grind for reputation items on Whithywindle has ended: all toons are at top reputation with Wardens of Annuminas, except Vytautaz, but he will set to this voyage alone. I will start advancing NaktiesKarys, especially when xp for crafting goes to combat xp. Sometimes one piece of rich iron bar equals to one killed Angmarim, so I could get some xp just without fighting.

And then it would be serious work with the left girl-clones. Every toon must finish all Ered Luin-Shire-Bree land deeds, except “Bad pies” and then only 1 basic toon on each server will remain: one that will grind for rep and quests items.

Overall, I left very satisfied with the day in Lotro. Life is just nice.