Lord of the rings online

Lotro was played quite intense: I had 2,5 days for it.

First of all, my OneE. She ran through the Shire and Ered Luin, doing every deed (except spoilt pies). Quick post was kind of easy – I knew how I should run and avoided all nosey hobbitses. However, I was a bit selfish: did no quest beyond required 75. Saw no reason for that: if OneE had not achieved Kindred reputation – questing may have sense. Since OneE is at top reputation – more quests are not an option.  Ered Luin deeds were finished quickly too. Result: 509 Turbine points.

I did enjoy this run. It was fun (except of one party hunting wolves – I thought I would be able to hunt them, but could not compete with 4 other hunters). I knew where to go, what to do. Used stables as often as I could: it makes travelling just faster. One time I even found Rusty key.

What remains for OneE are deeds I do not like much: Brood-hunter (450 spiders: 150 for simple and 300 for advanced), Bree-land woodcutter. After then, OneE would be of no use.

Next it was OneI that I logged in. Reason – very simple: need to pay for OneA’s house upkeep. I thought I would find my little house evicted…but no, I paid up to February. So, OneI paid for 2 more weeks and was inspected for deeds: higher level Bree deeds remain, like wigh, barghest, brood slayer. It may be not so easy: OneI is lvl.22 only. However, I started, took some easy quests, killed some Barghests and am preparing for grindy Taradan. With OneI I found how usefull Shared vault was – it’s worth every TP I paid for it.

Had some time to log in NaktiesKarys, my main toon. I took some stuff deposited by OneE, sold it thus freeing  space in Shared vault. Went to Annuminas to hunt Angmarim, get reputation items for my alts.

And this is where a pair or lvl.85 Elves ruined my hunting. I stood peacefully, hunting Angmarims. No ninja looting – just peacefull hunt. Then, two Elves come, kill anything they can and run further. No, I wasn’t in trouble, they just were having – fun (?). I asked in regional chat to leave some Angmarim for me, adressing “two lvl.85 Elven tanks”. One time they rided – they left enemy for me…but after that they killed everything anew. I was disappointed with such behaviour. There were enough enemies around, they could leave me hunting alone. Maybe it was their roleplay? No idea.

Looking at my 509 Turbine points I do realise I need yet some runs – and I would have enough TPs to buy new content. The question is – what content? Eregion is not an option (well, not untill I am lvl.60). Forochel may be an option. Misty Mountains may be too. I already have Angmar and Mines of Moria (and my favourite Evendim, of course).

And so the weekend has ended – it was successfull and just good. Life in Lotro, almost a paradise.