Lord of the rings online

Turbine has made something clear about upcoming update and some discounts in the shop. Shared vault/wardrobe/additional backpack now costs less. A good sign…a pity I have far less Turbine points than it is required and I do need them for content, not shared space.

On our forums, there is a talk about upcoming update. Class will be revamped and all will have “to made difficult choices”. Oh no, please, leave classes as the are (or introduce new ones with difficult choices). Rather bad news. On the bright side – housing is going to be revamped some day as well as Kinships. Housing does need revamp since some settlements are merely ghost towns. Players would like to purchase additional rooms for TPs or in-game gold, but they can’t. It would be pretty logic from developers to let that happen.

And my OneE continued her hunting. Barrow of Taradan, one deed (to kill 150 poor spiders) was done, 5 Turbine points earned. Then I decided it was high time to move to Shire, to help Hobbitses. Everything went easy, I did Fly slayer, Fly slayer (advanced) and Wolf slayer almost immediately. Started -as usual – Restoring Quick post, Farms of SHire and Views of Shire. One thing was bad: I was already at top reputation with Mathom society, so all Gift Mathoms will be sold 😦

OneE also discontinued looting. Reason is very simple: some 2 gold is more than enough to survive repairs and travels and house upkeep. After last easy deed is done, this toon will either rest untill next Yule festival or be deleted: I’m not going to keep it forever. Currently OneE paid for house upkeep (150 silver) and deposited most valuable loot for my NaktiesKarys to sell.

OneF is my target, after OneE finishes: OneF has last step to Kindred and that 30 Gift Mathoms would greatly help (and give valuable Turbine points).

As for now, my strategy is very simple: grind every Turbine point available, collect some 2000 of them and then just wait for discounts to purchase content. This strategy relies on the point that support toon must do all deeds in Bree-land, Shire and Ered-Luin. After that toon may be used to pay for upkeep…and after that he/she may just be deleted.

I left the game satisfied. Shire is sweet and easy region, Turbine points flows like river. Life is just good with Lotro.