Lord of the rings online

Started to play as OneF – this girl needs to reach lvl.23-24 quickly and to go to Shire and Ered Luin. So far, she did quests, killing boars, bears, wolves, Brigands and some Brigand leaders. By accident visited some ruins which turned out to be Hillshire ones: deed “Bree-land ruins” was finished, +5 Turbine points.

One time helped as Vytautaz to kill same Brihszel. Once again, after killing, no “thank you”, no “good-bye”. My fellowship member just ran away. I think “thank you” would be polite…well, some players do not think so.

Having nothing to do with Vytautaz – logged as OneF again and finished Adso’s camp quests. One time had to run away from the horde of Brigands: next time I just took some of them one by one. Then, did a quest line for Grimbiar’s scouts.

At the end of the day I had 229 TPs and yet some 15 Turbine awaits (“Orc slayer” and “Orc slayer advanced”). After that – I will quickly run through the Shire, gathering every Mathom available and then – a short visit to Ered Luin, doing first 30 quests.

Lots of fun await me – as well, as big hunts with NaktiesKarys one day. Life is just great with Lotro.