Lord of the rings online

Spent some time within Annuminas: as always, hunting poor Angmarim (I especially like local Hymn Chanter: can kill him and the spirit that he summons and that Chanter himself is weak). Also, found very good spot where can i kill Angmarim invaders. Killings were going fast and good, loot was good and I got many Artisan level recipes.

Then I realised I had some 137 Numenor rings, some 232 Black Badges: it should be enough to reach Kindred reputation with the Wardens of Annuminas. It was high time to swim to the neariest camp with vault and deposit stuff, also to sent recipes to my kinnies.

And then I logged as OneE (luckily, she was in Bree vault). I used all Black Badges – too many clicking  – and >100 Numenor rings. Hurray, OneE was at Kindred reputation. Since there were some Black Badges left – OneF used them and gained one level of reputation too. Some 50 Turbine points were my reward for grinding: not bad.

OneF was hunting when a call for help was received. Since some quality fighter was required – logged as Vytautaz, helped one Elf to defeat powerfull monster. Then, went to Haud Iarcith and looted some Mathoms: those were used by OneF to reach Ally reputation with the Mathom society: all that remains for OneF is to reach Kindred.

OneF also tried to help one person…but was unable to. Player was lost in Midgewater swamps, could not tell coordinates saying only “I am in some foggy water world” and “I have stones around me”. Tried to run, to search…in vain. This incident aside, OneF now can use a bow and is ready to complete many quests in Bree-land.

And so the day ended: very succesfull (a pity, I could not help that person in Midgewater though). I have 214 Turbine points and soon I will have just more: Shire and Ered Luin can offer ~400 TPs. Life is just great in Lotro.