Lord of the rings online

Spent all day in ancient city of Annuminas killing local Angmarim invaders, looting stuff. First of all – finished one deed to kill 40 Orlog warriors, got 5 Turbine points. And then – I just ran killing Angmarim. Found one sweet company nearby (3 invaders) and got into fight with all of them. Fight was always not too easy, because they had a magician who summoned spider. Luckily, I have a Bracing Attack (kind of vampire one…) and kind of temporaly protective shield: used all of them. But one thing I enjoyed was my AoE attacks. They proved very usefull, killing Angmarim.

Of course, primary loot target were reputation items: ring (700 reputation) and badge (50 reputation). I need to grind at least 120 rings so that any of my toon will rise to the top reputation with the Wardens of Annuminas (yet +50 TPs…).

Was defeated several times too. One time I thought Angmarim Sorcerer with 2 guards were of no match for me. Well, I was wrong and killed easily by Sorcerer. One day I will have my revenge: maybe I will start hunting every Angmarim sorcerer and tear him to pieces.

Witnessed some attacks on Human outposts, but was too greedy to aid Dunadan defenders.

Also, I was happy enough to help others: sent looted recipes to Kinship members, as well as to craft weapons for one lvl.12 Kinship member.  That’s what all of us exist: to help others, should they be in need.

And so the day ended, I left satisfied and looking forward for today’s adventures.