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Logged a bit, to craft Obsidian. I am very close to Mason lvl.91, one more run and I am there. However, I do have 9 more levels to achieve. One run is some 80.000 and one level is about 1 million points. SO – there would many many runs forwards and backwards…

Lord of the rings online

OneE continued her adventures. She was fortunate enough to do almost all deeds in Bree-land. Orc killing and orc killing (advanced), some combat deeds, Old forest deeds, barghest slayer, barghest slayer (advanced), wigh slayer, wigh slayer (advanced)…and finally, visit to the Barrows.

I thought my poor girl will be owned there, but she was victorious. Of course, the only nuissance was rats: they tended to attack whenever possible. Depsite of that – did almost all deeds there, except of Brood huntering ones: OneE is l lvl.23 and may not be ready for killing 450 spiders in a short time.

Of course, she used lvl.20-22 armor that my Vilnietiz looted in Haudth Iarcith and even managed to loot some valuable Mathoms.

NaktiesKarys finally found what to do: to ride to Annuminas city and kill Angmarim, looting stuff. I do look for reputation items: need to grind some 250 of them to make sure my two alts (OneE and OneF) reaches Kindred reputation with the Wardens of Annuminas. And I hunted. One time was killed, but maybe it was a bad idea to attack some 5-6 Angmarim at once. Several times I had to run away from named monsters.

And the weekend ended, I got some 149 Turbine points and was quite happy. Life is good after all…