Lord of the rings online

Weekend started with my OneI (lvl.22) starting adventures with hobbitses in the Shire.  Quests were known, their solution was also known – but I had a great fun doing all these tasks for those little people with (their sometimes not so little) needs. Even dreadfull Quick Post was spoiled only one time (well, thoughts about killing all Nosey and Hungry hobbitses were more often…).

I preserved all Gift Mathoms I received: looks like there are some 32 of them to be received for quests, even smallest ones. That number of valuable Mathoms was enough to advance from Neutral – and earn valuable Turbine points.

Then I moved to Ered Luin. Did 30 quests, that was very easy. Killing stuff was easy, especially Goblins. Exploration went naturally, I had to look for only one monument. Killing low level enemies was just fun: I came, I saw, I slaughtered with little or no resistance.

Of course, I was selfish and took only those quests that gave me anything…or were lacking for “Hero” title (total 30 quests). Took no one additional: if it were hobbitses with their Mathoms, I would do anything…but not Elves/Dwarves, they give no reputation.


At the end of the weekend I had 959 (out of 995) Turbine points, 2 unfinished advanced deeds. I am moving very quickly towards 995: Shire and Ered Luin are just perfect fro grinding TPs.

Things are going just good with Lotro.