Lord of the rings online

Only 5 Turbine points and those were for making some number of strikes with some attack. My toon, OneI, was levelling in Buckland, doing all quests Hobbitses could ask (provided they were not suicidal ones).

It involved exploring Old Forest too – a part I did not like too much. As for my lvl.19 toon, I could not freely go wherever I want. Even lvl.20 evil tree posed a serious threat for me. However, lvl.20 is near, Heavy Armor use is near too.

OneA did some killing too, earning valuable trust with the Eglain. This girl still has >10.000 reputation points to achieve. A pity she does not have any supportive toon to aid (since OneA is my main on Silverlode server).

And thus the day ended with some 689 Turbine points out of 995. I should start grinding TPs before I get stuck with overflooded vaults and inventory bags…