Lord of the rings online

There was no TP gain yesterday. Not a single one.

Just doing quests with OneA, my Jeweller, gaining reputation with Eglan people (now almost half a way to Kindred). I can just hunt mobs and turn in trophies. However, one type of mobs does bother me: Creoths. These are unnaturally strong (lvl.30 has >3100 morale) and each encounter may mean certain death for me. Was trying to find fellowship, but in vain. Sometimes I was alone in these Agamaur-ish swamps, sometimes there were two of us and second player did not respond.

Switched to OneI, did some quests, finished Blade of Renown. Now this girl is lvl.18 and can proudly use a bow. I need just some 3 levels to get to Shire – and then I will do all the quests available, earn some reputation with the Hobbitses.

And so the day has ended: nothing earned, still 684/995 Turbine points…and still having fun.