Lord of the rings online

I ran with some of my girls through vast fields of Lotro. Tactic remained the same: do all easy deeds, then switch to easier ones.

And it worked. Accidentaly I did “Enmnity of wighs II” deed, then – killing 300 spiders in Barrow of Taradan. Spiders were very greedy: they dropped anything, be it morale potion or Cordolan trinket…except Mathoms. I got only some 4 big Mathoms and perhabs 5 Mathoms per ~280 spiders. Killing itself went very good, My AoE effects worked just perfectly and I have reached lvl.24 with my girl. Also met one strange Dwarf: he seemed to follow me finishing/helping to kill my own monsters. Was he for a loot? Don’t know, he could have asked for a group…but he didn’t.

And then it were LoneLands. Some harder deeds: kill 120 wighs (killed 13 before) and 150 warghs (killed some 40 before).  I tried to concentrate on War-singers to get their amulets. It worked, I could withstand lvl.29 mob + his own Summoned Wigh and sometimes even yet another summoned undead. Was helped by some kind player whop even healed me.

Then I went to Agamaur’s fortress, the only fortified Human outpost there and took quest “cutting off the hand”. Well, that went hard. In short – I killed some 80 or 90 wighs only to find there were some 5 Gloomwaters (and one was greedy enough not to drop his token). This isn’t too good: it takes hours and hours for lower-level player to find Gloomwater. If you don’t wanna ait – risk with advancing deeper, where those red mobs just enjoy attacking in groups.

I worked to increase my reputation with Eglain, turning in trophies. It worked too.

Then the day came to its end. I did not write down exact number of TPs: it should be some 654 out of 995 required. Today I expect to finish one combat deed and at least one adventure deed.

And so the day ended. I will finish with this girl and then switch to others: when they are at some lvl.22 – Shire and hobbitses await!