Lord of the rings online

I just have to grind for Shared Vault. Therefore – logged in almost each of my toons and checked what easy quests are unfinished. There were some grindy, like Neeker breeker slayer (advanced), Sickle fly slayer (advanced) and on one toon – “Crabein slayer (advanced)” and “kill 120 wighs in LoneLands”. I did them all, some times finishing certain battle deeds, like “strike enemies using ABC for NN times”.

Vytautaz finished starting quests at Evendim, using every single Gift Mathom he could get. Of course, North farm quests are not most enjyable due to weird configuration of the farm itself…but they do give valuable Gift Mathoms. Later, I left Evendim, went to Haudth Iarnith to kill some wighs…and voila, Kindred with Mathom society!

One of my girl toon went to kill some wighs in same LoneLands. There I encountered a lower lvl. Dwarf fighting his way in the fortress. Well, since I had to do some killing, I helped Dwarf and he helped me too with those nasty War Singers. We had a very nice party (which ended when I died almost covering his retreat, by taking on 3 monsters, including War Singer).

TPs were growing good, now I have 634 out of 995 required. What I do need right now, is to grow several toons to some lvl.23, then do all Shire quests without fear of being attacked and gain 210 TPs for each new run (reputation included, “Spoiled pies” quest excluded).

Overall, weekend was very good. I enjoyed it.