Lord of the rings online

Spent the last hours of Yule festival with my toons: Vytautaz, OneI and some other girls. Vytautaz did quests, exchanged everything into Supreme gift boxes and then into coal. OneI did same thing too: almost every quest, then exchange to coal. This way I have some >200 coal. It would be transferred to NaktiesKarys, my weaponsmith.

Using boxes giving for perfomance I found some “Tarnished…symbol”, said to be “bound to account” and used “to reforge Legendary items”. I’m not sure whether it is ultra-rare or just stuff of little use.

My other girls did everything they could, grinding for tokens and TPs. Maybe after Festival is over, those tokens may be exchanged to something usefull. Of course, I lacked time, but I did try to get every Turbine point: now I have some 544 TPs out of 995 required.

Festival results: some low-level toon advanced by 1 level (finishing quests gives some xp), I gained >200 coal and lots of Turbine points to be used as well as some primitive decorations for my own house.

Today festival ends…and casual grinding will begin. But I’m happy with Lotro: at least Festival (especially theatre) gave me fun.